Ontario Society of Artists - Contemporary Landscapes


(posted on 28 Oct 2017)

Just put "Western Skies" 36x36 up on a post to FB for tomorrow. Was thinking that I didn't have to take much license with the clouds. The snap I took from the car shows that the sky really didn't change much. It's already such an abstract sky! We were travelling back to Calgary from Banff in March when we saw this configuration  in the sky. 

I've made up some art theory mugs for the artists at my studio group-- the Etobicoke Art Group. Included info on the mug:
the 16 elements of composition/design/play in the system, 

the descriptors for colour definition

the 6 ways to add power to a painting

how to make a colour look luminous

and last but not least.... our fearless mentor's oft heard comment "Too much subject, not enough Artist?"

What a great group and such a joy to be a part of.

There's lots going on in the latest painting "Western Skies"--  high key/low key complementary colour (blue-orange) system, high value contrast, unity provided by the black underpainting, harmony in the palette, balance, repetition in the shapes, gradation in colour and shapes, transition provided by large diagonal shapes connecting, texture on the surface both physical and visual. 

Feel welcome to send me your comments :D and have a great weekend!


(the vertical 'cloud' in the photo is windshield reflection)