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Native Plant Resources

It's Spring!!

Time to think about what you will choose for your garden or that pot on the balcony. EVERY plant makes a difference!

Here is a quick collection of links to resource information about seeds and plants.  Some links are hot, otherwise just copy and paste.

Before you buy seeds for native perennials, be sure that they have been cold moist stratified (CMF) if required for that particular plant. If not, buy a plant and you will have seeds come fall. 
This website provides loads of resource info including help in narrowing down the choices for your particular conditions. eg woodland edge shade, dry sandy, clay, full sun etc.

This is the Ontario seed farm where I bought the seeds for my meadow. Online purchases.
Taming Wildflowers by Miriam Goldberger(owner of Wildflower Farm) is a wonderful book


Lorraine Johnson author of  “100 Easy To Grow Native Plants”   books on amazon/indigo — our Canadian expert and author- on social media  Lorraine participates in the Ontario Native Plant Gardening group. Her website is

Riverdale Hub (in Toronto) holds a Seedy Saturday in the fall    327 Bering Ave,  Toronto, ON, Canada in Tottenham and Pefferlaw


North American Native Plant Society Plant sale in May Edwards Gardens: