Choreographed Canadian Landscape Paintings


(posted on 30 Sep 2019)

The solo exhibition scheduled for April 20-May 10 2020 will exhibit a large polyptych on the impact wall, the wall that is seen on entering the gallery. It will be 5 canvases 40x60 for a total of 16.7 feet width. The 40x60 inch canvas is the largest canvas that my car will carry. My plan is that each of the canvases are a standalone painting and that may be hung individually or in groups with one, two or three or four neighbours. 

To this end, I have worked up a sketch of the planned work:

In order to avoid too many do-overs, I am painting some minibigs of the work to solve any problems that may come up in a smaller scale. The canvases are 16x24(relatively small), same proportions, but still ending up  6 feet wide! Here's where I am so far:

As you can see, there are still black areas to paint. The white buttonbush flowerhead are place holders - think I will add a bit more texture to those so they're not pure white. When I get the basic painting done in all areas, I'll add the juicy focal points as necessary in my signature way so that each canvas will be a complete painting.

This is an exciting project for me as it will be my largest and most complex- each picture being standalone as well as part of a whole. You may recognize several motifs that I have used before in some of my favourite works. I welcome your feedback!