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(posted on 20 May 2018)

Well, it's not really a race but it is a challenge of sorts. Here I am at Haliburton School of the Arts all set to paint paint paint all week and next at the Advanced Individual Studies. Class is expected to be full at 16 artists who have no cares but working on their art. It was nip and tuck whether I'd make it this year because of family health issues but my wonderful best support ever husband Peter is taking care of business at home so that I can PAINT all day all week - YAY!

There are several projects on the go--

One is to finish the 3rd piece that is planned for a small triptych.

Another is to make progress on some exercises that I was given last year or perhaps the year before but haven't completed yet. 

Third is to paint some paintings starting off with completion of one started last month. Here's a black and white of where we are so far with it. Sometimes when I'm a bit stuck, it helps to go back to the black and white and see what thoughts pop into my head. I can feel some further simplification on its way in order to make the hollyhocks mine....