Choreographed Canadian Landscape Paintings


(posted on 17 Apr 2019)

Preparing for the Big Solo - Part I (below)    AND   3-4 Upcoming Exhibition Notices shown here

I have officially finished with this winter today on the completion of Winter In The Meadow 30"x30"(below). The blue greys convey a sense of closed-in cool with the often present winter clouds. Sunrises in winter can be quite spectacular because of these clouds already present just above the horizon.  The yellow ochre of the  little bluestem grasses have  faded  now and are quite dishevelled and short compared to early winter when they were bright and standing tall. The little cabin hides in the shadows of the evergreens which provide solid structure in the presence of the leafless deciduous trees.

Winter In The Meadow is the first in a 4 or 6 part series in which I'll play with the colour changes through out the growing season. The series will debut at my solo exhibition a year from now at the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Toronto. 

As the show is intended to be a multimedia exhibition with a meadow experience component, I have a lot of work to do as well as a lot to learn regarding the multimedia aspect. The paintings and photographs will come together I think without too much problem. However I'll have two videos that will show as well  as the 'experience.' 

Drone piloting will be an exciting  challenge to learn this spring. I am just waiting for the winds to settle so "Buzz" doesn't end up stuck in a treetop! It is a Spark by DGI which is apparently the manufacturer of choice. Sunday is looking like a good possibility.

I have a notebook going forward with exhibition plans being filled in, divided into categories:

Eligible Paintings, Photos, Resource People ,  Resource Companies, Equipment needed, Sponsors and Funding, the Catalogue, Printing and Advertising, Calendar Schedule, Gallery dimensions and wall sizes, The Statement Piece (possibilities), Video Processing and Progress, Costs

These pages are filling in. I am waiting for some of the resource people to respond. Are they interested? Spring is always a busy time, especially everything related to plants and the outdoors. 

Looking at the Ontario Arts Council granting page brings on long sighs. I have  written two successful grant applications for an organization. It was SO much work! Can I do it again? Time will tell. 

Yesterday I spoke with a contact about corporate funding. She suggested that I refine my 'ask' into actual ballpark figures and add school groups to the target audience (because she would want her children/teens to see this) She is going to research a few possibilities for me and put me in touch with an additional resource person or two. It was helpful to have this conversation as it further defined for me my intentions going forward e.g. I will want to pay those other artists who are able to help me and I should include this in my funding asks.

 I'm hoping that you are  interested to follow my journey to a stimulating and exciting solo exhibition. Thanks for reading! 

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windy clouds, orange sunrise, snowy meadow, yellow grasses

Winter in the Meadow