Choreographed Canadian Landscape Paintings


(posted on 5 Aug 2020)

What is your mid summer nights dream?

My dream is one wherein the world has blown past the anxiety of pandemic days and heat waves, nights are cool, days are summery warm and there is enough rain each week so that all birds, bees and butterflies have lots of juicy flowers and bugs on which to sip and nibble. And I can hug whoever I like.


Outdoors is as always a great place to spend your time these days or any day!  Take a hike, a walk in the park or go for a drive in the countryside. Breathe! Healthy and safe.


The seeded perennial meadow is in full bloom. Pale coneflower(long, lanky and limp) is finishing and sturdier regular  echinacea is taking centre stage complimented by varying shades of billowing pale purple bergamot. The tall spikes of blazing star are unfurling into blue-violet fuzzy spires and there are even more than last year. Here and there are vervain, fading  butterfly weed. The spires of special showy goldenrod are reaching for the puffy clouds, in preparation for their stunning debut in September.


We’ve seen white admirals, monarchs, wood nymphs, hummingbird moths, red admirals, fritillaries, crescents, mourning cloaks, and black swallowtails  and  tiger swallowtails. I hope I can add to my list of over 20 butterflies this season.


You will see in my paintings and  posts that I love to spend time in peaceful meadows and energizing mountains. And then I go into the studio to choreograph these beautiful landscapes into original unique artworks.


How do you feel when you breathe in Canadian landscape?

Bergamot Haze 30"x30" in the Meadows Collection of our new gallery shop.