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Just received word that our group exhibition Progressions VII is now hanging at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg Ontario. This would be a thrill for any artist-  and I am no exception! The education department at McMichael in cooperation with Fleming College Haliburton School of the Arts supports advanced artists  as, for the seventh year in a row, these  artists are exhibiting their 12x16 inch landscapes. I don't have a closing date at the moment but the show is expected to be up for 3 months in total- so probably at least 2 more months.  I hope you can take it in.

The paintings were all painted in the Pine Cottage at the McMichael in September. My piece is Indian Paintbrush at Mount Robson.   Red indian paintbrush, a plant native to Canada, was blooming in August in the meadow in front of the mountain. So beautiful. We didn't even have to climb up to see this meadow, it was right beside the road. This was a fun composition for me, resulting in several versions of the painting- a là Lawren Harris who often painted a scene several times.

The McMichael is an iconic art gallery in Canada with a very large collection of Canadian paintings particularly the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson.  Definitely worth a trip. Current exhibitions - all fantastic - include :

The Group of Seven- Director's Cut (opening Dec 9)

The Group of Seven Guitar Project (which is wonderful- Linda Manzer, luthier,  went to my high school!)

Alex Janvier

Annie Pootoogook: Cutting Ice

Check out the website at

Visiting hours Tues - Sun 10am-4 pm -- note that the gallery is not open in the evening. Not sure why.


Indian Paintbrush at Mount Robson