Contemporary Landscape Artist


Day 5 of Advanced Individual Studies completed (again) yesterday. This is a special week as the artists are juried into the course. Everyone works on their own path. There is lots of interaction between the artists and we have a lecture once per day on some aspect of applicable Art history.

In the course of the week, I have completed 4 paintings and one exercise piece. Here is the colour pic promised on Thursday of Meadow at the Narrows 30x30In.

The Convocation hall show is hanging now. This is a another public gallery credit for my bio. Convocation was yesterday for the art school grads. It is a shorter exhibition this year due to the timing of the convocation relative to our course. A great week!

Next week I am in Printmaking Fusion. I still need a few supplies that are supposed to be available at the school's bookstore. Printing plates and paper. So exciting to start something new. I have done watercolour printmaking before but this will be quite different. I am expectingt the results to be more like what I expect based on what I put through the press.

While I was away, Coreopsis in the Meadow went home with a local saxophone player. Sweet music to my ears!