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(posted on 29 Nov 2017)

Away From Home

It's been nearly a month since we've been home. We're catching all the rays of  sunshine  we can in Florida, stocking up for winter in Canada where the sun is still getting lower in the sky. 

Two small paintings are ready for critique on Tuesday. It's the last chance with my mentor until he comes back from his trip away from the Canadian winter. They are shown below.

When I'm down south here, I set up a mini mini studio at the bar counter in the condo. I have a mini palette with my mini bottles of paint, and my mini canvases. Since I'm a pretty tidy painter, it works without creating a mess of drips and splotches of paint on anything. 

It's probably good exercise to do small paintings now and then but I am happier on the bigger canvases on the big easel. 

 Winter has not yet begun but I have started THINKING SPRING!  I have been invited to participate in a  prestigious fundraising show called the Kingsway-Lambton Art Show in Toronto. It will be happening on April 7 for one big day. If you are in the Toronto area, it would be great to see you there! More details will appear later in the winter.

One painting is still in progress but here are the other 2 paintings I've done in Florida with the spring show in mind:

The Birch and the Redbud 8x8



Spring Forest Floor 12x12