Choreographed Canadian Landscape Paintings


(posted on 28 Jan 2020)

The huge polyptych for my solo exhibition is done! It is 200 inches wide by 60 inches high. I'm painting the 83 feet of edges now and getting the wiring and labelling started. Two of the middle panels of the painting will be the picture for a exhibition rack card. Lots of info is provided on the back of the rack card to get you excited about the exhibition. I ordered the cards today :D 

Here  is a pic of two of the middle panels:

Even after having made a mini version of this large work,  there were a few do-overs. When I am not impressed with a shape, I generally have to go back and repaint the black underpainting. It's important that the black be clean. Of course, black is the darkest dark and sets off all other colours, even dull ones because of the relative intensity of the colours to the zero intensity black. 

I find painting the light areas the most tricky because of leaving the black intact OR having a light even dry brushing to exclude more of the black.  I did the light part of the meadow and then  I painted the shadowed part of the meadow. I liked the latter so much better that I decided a do-over of the lighter area was needed.

To keep the work, of basically copying myself, interesting, aside from hefting these large panels around regularly, I did make a few changes from the mini mock ups. See if you can notice any of the changes in the two panels shown above. Here are the mini-bigs:

Really my studio is too small to attempt this size of work but it has been an exciting project. I've borrowed extra easels to line up  three of the five panels  at a time. Some of the shapes stretch over three panels and I wanted each shape painted all at once. 

There is still so much else yet to do! 

Next week I will return to the video editing which has been waiting in final stages since end of November. The installation set ups plans for the videos are being worked on. More on that later. 

Have you marked the show on your calendar? April 21-May 9 with Opening Reception on Sat April 25 from 1-4 pm.

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