Unique Canadian Landscape Paintings


(posted on 29 Apr 2018)

Today members of the Etobicoke Art Group (EAG) delivered their  2 best recent paintings or sculptures to the jurors at the Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery in Toronto.

Several members worked on intake checking and rechecking paperwork for about 100 paintings. Other members  set the paintings in the gallery for jurying by leaning them against the wall on very narrow strips of carpeting. This prevented work from slipping. Then we waited and ate our lunch and waited while the jurors decided on their selections and which works would receive a prize.

We watched the ‘unselected’ work move to the end of the hall. Sometimes we wondered how a particular work could be ‘unselected’.  But the jurors are king—or  in this case queens for the day and choose what they want for the show. On arrival,  they are given the rules of engagement. There is never any interference with the jurors while they are working at this show.

The end of the process is difficult as we must return the ‘unselected’ work to the artists. Fortunately at this exhibition, since the jurying is done in person (not digitally), the artists are offered a 5 minute critique for the unselected work. The artists may speak to what the jurors have to say. For some, this  dialogue may soothe disappointment. Or not. 

One of my paintings, “Cardinal Under Cover”, was selected. Another painting made the swift walk down the hall. I was happy to get one painting into the show as some artists did not. It is not a rejection. These jurors on this particular day just chose other paintings. A painting may receive a prize in one show and be 'unselected' in another. The EAG group is so strong as a whole. I am pleased to work amongst them. 

Cardinal Under Cover 24"x30"