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(posted on 17 Jan 2018)

Lately I visit the Rockies in Alberta or British Columbia more often. Bad weather sometimes socks them in with low clouds and there's nothing much to see. Then the clouds lift and it's like a star has stepped out onto the stage to entertain  just for me!

There's nothing like a sunny day in the mountains to bring on the oohs and aaahs. A special treat I hope all Canadians will experience at some time in their lives. Is there anywhere else where so many photos are taken? The splendour of it all!

I love to paint the mountains. Now that I am a somewhat regular visitor to our Rockies, I am getting the feel of the mountains and can attempt to pass on the immensity in my paintings. Here's the previous version of Mount Edith Cavell which sold to a buyer on 

The newest abstraction/simplificaton is below. Mount Edith Cavell On Stage