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Well, not everything is fresh!   Today I am getting started on a larger version of a successful small painting that I did in November.  I'm not sure yet how similar this painting will be to the small one and when I say 'successful', I mean it works very well. Everything about the painting works- the composition, the colour, lines and shapes all just feel right. 

This  previously loved idea with fresh paint and canvas will ramp up my restart after the Christmas break  in preparation  for the Kingsway-Lambton Art Show on April 7th in Toronto. All winter, I'll be painting spring! with a few mountains thrown in for variety.

The painting:

There is a birch tree in close proximity to the redbud. Both trees are native to Ontario but the redbud is an understory tree. The redbud in bloom is quite magical as magenta popcorn blossoms poke through the bark  all along the the branches. In 2016, our young redbud suffered a large broken limb in the a spectacular March ice storm. When discovered, I propped up the limb with a strong crutch shaped branch from a poplar and tied the break with a makeshift cloth bandage. Surprisingly, in the spring of 2017, the broken limb was blooming, as beautifully as ever.  

When the magenta redbud blossoms glow against the shadowed areas further down the hill and the morning sun rises warmly in view, Spring is in full swing!

The original 8x8 is shown on the blog post two below this one. Here are the original views I began with: